Datatune Releases Extranet Version 7.2 Increasing Benefits to Small Business Administrators & Project Managers

Seattle, WA (March 28, 2005) - The developers of the Datatune Extranet just released the latest version of the Extranet, strengthening their position to become the preferred productivity software for small businesses. Version 7.2 specifically targets project managers and small business administrators, with functions including improved billing and HyBlue integration.

The billing upgrades enhance users’ ability to document parts, mileage and recurring charges. Improved reporting has also been introduced allowing Extranet users the ability to view parts or non-recurring charges by customer and vendor in addition to viewing the status of ordered equipment as it flows through the procurement process. A new mileage report has also been introduced for improved tracking of mileage expenses.

To better meet unique needs of different business types, version 7.2 also adds the ability to edit resource & project field names and types. With this site wide revision, these editable fields allow Extranet users to associate individual notes with various projects or equipment so more advanced project reporting and tracking can take place.

Other recent upgrades intended for the technical consulting users include integrated one-click access to server & workstation statistics from HyBlue, ( the proactive network management tool. Overall program workflow has also improved, such as new sorting abilities and a new active charges report.

All upgrades for the Extranet are automatically integrated into the software, and come packaged as part of the monthly fee so customers can immediately benefit from the new changes at no additional cost. With this version, clients can now provide feedback at every page for correspondence or ideas for improvement. For a complete list of upgrades, please refer to the administration page of your Extranet or contact Datatune.

About Datatune
Datatune is a trusted small business software development and consulting firm with proven solutions tailored towards information-driven companies. Datatune recognizes that small businesses require the same levels of reliability and security that Fortune-500 companies enjoy and since 1997, Datatune has brought enterprise-class solutions to small business.

Datatune's hallmark application, the Datatune Extranet gives small businesses a competitive advantage by combining tools to build relationships, increase sales opportunities and efficiently manage their time from a single, inexpensive application. This intuitive web-based software provides a central repository for storing client data, billable hours, quotes, projects and more and is an ideal tool for collaborative environments which include outside-salespeople, contractors, vendors and agents.

Through the combination of time tracking software, CRM software, ERP software and billing software, the Datatune Extranet can streamline every aspect of a service-based company from a single, web-enabled interface while lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

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