Datatune Launches Extranet Small Business Software at ITEC Seattle to Receptive Attendees

Seattle, WA (June 8, 2005) - The developers of the Datatune Extranet officially released the Extranet to the public at this year’s ITEC (Information Technology Exposition and Conference) Seattle, the leading IT showcase in the region.

"As an exhibit of the most current and relevant IT products and services, ITEC made the perfect platform for Datatune to launch the Extranet," says J. Keller, Datatune spokesperson. ITEC Seattle attendees include an array of business customers from the Pacific Northwest who play a key role in purchasing power at a company.

The Extranet was designed to drive revenues through process automation and streamline the small businesses back-office by reducing the costs associated with managing the administrative aspects of running a company. While the Extranet was officially released at the two-day expo, beta users have been using the Extranet for more than four years. Originally developed by Datatune in 2000 as an internal solution for managing information, the web-based Extranet has grown into a sophisticated business productivity software which is further enhanced through integration with other software packages including Intuit’s Quick Books.

Datatune plans to expand its reach by offering the Extranet throughout the US and has aggressive plans for product development which relies heavily on the feedback from existing customers.

"We were very pleased with the excitement and validation generated at ITEC by the Extranet; people understood the product right away," Keller says. "Several attendees signed up for the Extranet at the expo which is unusual in this setting, so we know that the product satisfies a customer-base that’s been searching for a tool like this."

About Datatune
Datatune is a trusted small business software development and consulting firm with proven solutions tailored towards information-driven companies. Datatune recognizes that small businesses require the same levels of reliability and security that Fortune-500 companies enjoy and since 1997, Datatune has brought enterprise-class solutions to small business.

Datatune's hallmark application, the Datatune Extranet gives small businesses a competitive advantage by combining tools to build relationships, increase sales opportunities and efficiently manage their time from a single, inexpensive application. This intuitive web-based software provides a central repository for storing client data, billable hours, quotes, projects and more and is an ideal tool for collaborative environments which include outside-salespeople, contractors, vendors and agents.

Through the combination of time tracking software, CRM software, ERP software and billing software, the Datatune Extranet can streamline every aspect of a service-based company from a single, web-enabled interface while lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

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