Datatune introduces Extranet Version 8.1.1 with support for QuickBooks Online Edition

Seattle, WA (May 28, 2006) - Users of QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE) can now seamlessly integrate their accounting data in QBOE with the Datatune Extranet opening a greater opportunity for back-office automation.

With the release of Version 8, QBOE users will be able to transfer customer data, invoices, balances and other accounting related data automatically between the two systems, reducing double entry and simplifying administrative tasks. These features have long-been available to the QuickBooks Desktop Edition users who employ the Extranet, but not so for the QBOE users.

The ability for user to manage their entire company without installing a single piece of software is now a reality. Independent consultants or small businesses can now manage their customers, vendors, quotes, invoicing, trouble tickets, and other areas of their business from within the Extranet while managing their accounting functions from within QuickBooks--without ever leaving their web browser.

Managing critical business systems using online tools can be a huge benefit to users who find themselves sitting at a variety of PC's throughout the day, or for users who simply don't a PC with enough horsepower to run mission-critical applications. Additionally, having data managed by online vendors puts the responsibility of backups and disaster recovery planning within the hands of vendors who have the resources and personnel to manage these risks effectively.

Because the Datatune Extranet is a hosted application, all upgrades are automatically deployed to existing customers and are available at no extra charge to Extranet subscribers.

About Datatune
Datatune is a trusted small business software development and consulting firm with proven solutions tailored towards information-driven companies. Datatune recognizes that small businesses require the same levels of reliability and security that Fortune-500 companies enjoy and since 1997, Datatune has brought enterprise-class solutions to small business.

Datatune's hallmark application, the Datatune Extranet gives small businesses a competitive advantage by combining tools to build relationships, increase sales opportunities and efficiently manage their time from a single, inexpensive application. This intuitive web-based software provides a central repository for storing client data, billable hours, quotes, projects and more and is an ideal tool for collaborative environments which include outside-salespeople, contractors, vendors and agents.

Through the combination of time tracking software, CRM software, ERP software and billing software, the Datatune Extranet can streamline every aspect of a service-based company from a single, web-enabled interface while lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

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