Datatune Hones Extranet CRM Features With Release 7.3 to Increase Sales Opportunities for Small Businesses

Seattle, WA (August 15, 2005) - The developers of the Datatune Extranet announce enhanced sales capabilities to track milestones, create email campaigns, provide web-based file management and expand commission functions in the latest version of the Extranet, the integrated, web-based business productivity software for small businesses.

With the release of Version 7.3, sales personnel can follow a customer through the sales funnel by tracking each step or "milestone" in the sales cycle. The progress of each salesperson can be tracked in a new report so the sales-manager can proactively (and in real-time) follow the progression of sales in the organization. A new follow-up report on the home page also provides a convenient location to manage call-back opportunities that can be checked off upon completion.

Expanded commission functions and reporting enhances the types of commissions available to employees, agents and contractors. And a new commission type called "Rate Commissions" allows administrators to assign compensation rates to each user based on the customer and rate-type.

A bulk-email feature has been added to give administrators ability to compose and manage HTML email campaigns to existing customers, and uses customizable templates to contact existing customers en mass for sales or announcements.

Version 7.3 also includes features to add invoice-emailing capabilities for sending invoices in PDF format directly from the Extranet to email current and past invoices. Additional improvements include an integrated file management feature to upload files which can be optionally bound to existing customers or vendors. Overall performance, and enhanced reporting & workflow capabilities have also been improved.

Because the Datatune Extranet is a hosted application, all upgrades are automatically deployed to existing customers and are available at no extra charge to Extranet subscribers.

About Datatune
Datatune is a trusted small business software development and consulting firm with proven solutions tailored towards information-driven companies. Datatune recognizes that small businesses require the same levels of reliability and security that Fortune-500 companies enjoy and since 1997, Datatune has brought enterprise-class solutions to small business.

Datatune's hallmark application, the Datatune Extranet gives small businesses a competitive advantage by combining tools to build relationships, increase sales opportunities and efficiently manage their time from a single, inexpensive application. This intuitive web-based software provides a central repository for storing client data, billable hours, quotes, projects and more and is an ideal tool for collaborative environments which include outside-salespeople, contractors, vendors and agents.

Through the combination of time tracking software, CRM software, ERP software and billing software, the Datatune Extranet can streamline every aspect of a service-based company from a single, web-enabled interface while lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

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