Datatune releases free Extranet Small Business Edition (SBE) with Version 8.3

Seattle, WA (November 1, 2007) - The developers of the Datatune Extranet have announced a free version of the the acclaimed Extranet product designed to help independent consultants & small businesses grow their business. Now it is possible for small businesses who are building their business to have access to the software required to track time, customers, vendors, quotes, projects and many other functional areas of their business without up front or recurring costs.

Small businesses who are serious about growing their business traditionally invest in a CRM or ERP applications, hoping that the business efficiencies gained from this software would justify the expense. Alternatively, small businesses with no budged for back-office software employ dozens of spreadsheets, contact management applications and e-mail in an attempt to manage the overwhelming number of moving parts in a typical business. Like most temporary solutions, the low cost option is difficult to manage and makes the migration to a more enterprise-level solution a major drain on resources.

Small businesses now have an alternative with the Datatune Extranet SBE. For no setup cost and no monthly recurring cost, consultants and small businesses can employ the Datatune Extranet at no charge, and with no expiration. The Datatune Extranet, SBE provides support for 1 user and 10 customers and contains all of the features and functionality of the standard version of the Extranet with the exception of QuickBooks integration and Commission Support.

Customers are free to use the Extranet SBE for as long as they'd like with a simple migration path to the full Extranet readily available when the business outgrows the Small Business Edition. "Because Datatune has a vested interested in helping small business grow their companies, we're happy to give away the software to help these businesses become more profitable" said J. Keller, President of Datatune. "We want our Extranet customers to view us as a trusted partner with their growth and profitability as our core objective" he adds.

Because the Datatune Extranet is a hosted application, all upgrades are automatically deployed to existing customers and are available at no extra charge to Extranet subscribers.

About Datatune
Datatune is a trusted small business software development and consulting firm with proven solutions tailored towards information-driven companies. Datatune recognizes that small businesses require the same levels of reliability and security that Fortune-500 companies enjoy and since 1997, Datatune has brought enterprise-class solutions to small business.

Datatune's hallmark application, the Datatune Extranet gives small businesses a competitive advantage by combining tools to build relationships, increase sales opportunities and efficiently manage their time from a single, inexpensive application. This intuitive web-based software provides a central repository for storing client data, billable hours, quotes, projects and more and is an ideal tool for collaborative environments which include outside-salespeople, contractors, vendors and agents.

Through the combination of time tracking software, CRM software, ERP software and billing software, the Datatune Extranet can streamline every aspect of a service-based company from a single, web-enabled interface while lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

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